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About me

Peter Wood
Royce Wood Studio

Peter Wood has been involved in ceramics for more than thirty years. After completing his Bachelor of Arts degree he co-founded  Royce Wood Studio with his mother, painter and ceramic artist, Royce Wood.  Since 1985 Peter has specialised in ceramic design and glaze development for diverse ranges including artware, ceramic lighting, and tableware. Royce Wood glazes have been used in a myriad of ceramic applications and designs worldwide.


In 1997 the Studio began work on a new range of handmade tiles

and ceramic wall art resulting in the acolade 'Best in Show'

at their very first National Tile Show. The glazes are designed and created by Peter who has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of ceramic glaze formulation and design. More than just coloured glaze, Peter skilfully imbues a wonderful depth and tonal variegation into the recipes to enhance any substrate which the glazes are used on.

Peter has a love of colour and an intrinsic understanding of the alchemy of glazes. That knowledge, together with the exponential growth in the demand for beautifully glazed facades, provides the perfect stage onto which he is proud to present his ceramic glaze portfolio.

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